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Welcome to Capelwood

Welcome to Capelwood Utilities – we provide a comprehensive range of utility services to domestic customers, local authorities and commercial business clients.

Based near Maidstone in Kent we cover a wide area including London, the South & South East and beyond providing a diverse range of services:

- Leak location and repair
- Installation of new water mains and services as a self-lay provider (WIRS)
- Trenchless technology including impact moling & horizontal directional drilling
- Safe-digging techniques including vacuum excavation

Whatever your requirements we can meet them to the highest standards and offer a free of charge service to attend site to quote for a job.

Capelwood Utilities are an approved contractor on three Thames Water framework contracts including metering, lead replacement, repair and maintenance and mainlaying. Within the framework we offer a full turnkey service.

Approved by such organisations as Thames Water, New Roads & Street Works (NRSWA) and the Water Industry Approved Plumbers Scheme (WIAPS) our teams are fully accredited and qualified to carry out any water engineering tasks.


Trenchless Technology

Directional drilling is the most efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective formula for the installation of an array of underground utilities including ducting, drainage, mains and cables.

Drill shots can reach up to 200m in length depending on ground make up. This dramatically changes the timescale of a job's duration. Pipe size can range from 25mm to 355mm. These lengths and sizes are all with minimal excavations saving on backfill and reinstatement.

Dig Safe Excavation

The vacuum excavator is a truly revolutionary piece of equipment which uses innovative suction technology to provide a safe, clean and extremely efficient way of operating.

Its usage spans across a wide spectrum of workstreams, civil engineering, building infrastructure and utility services. 

In every area it can bring cost and time efficiencies.

WIRS Self Lay

Capelwood Utilities are a WIRS-accredited self-lay organisation (SLO).

The Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS) are recognised by all water companies and Water UK.

Under WIRS, Lloyd's Register carry out technical assessments of Capelwood Utilities service provision, enabling us to be accredited for contestable works associated with installing water infrastructure:

WIRS Construction of Mains and Services (All works)
WIRS Construction of Routine Mains Connections

Leak Location

Some leaks are obvious from damage they have caused but others can be harder to trace due to the pipework being either buried underground or boxed in inside the property.

We use the least disruptive methods i.e. leak noise correlators, thermal imaging cameras or CCTV to quickly pinpoint leakage and provide a competitively priced repair.

Drainage Repairs

We can carry out a range of drain repair services and can repair and maintain damaged pipes as well as replace and upgrade pipework to keep water systems running to their optimal performance.

All of our work is driven by technology and carried out in as non-obtrusive and an efficient manner as possible.

Water Main Repair

From the water mains under properties to those under public highways, we provide a complete range of repair and installation services for any mains water pipes and systems.

We also upgrade old lead supply pipe systems, which are known to provide notoriously poor water pressure and to contaminate water supply, with modern plastic based pipes recommended for the job.


Vacuum Excavator

Vacuum excavation is the safer, more environmentally friendly and cost-efficient choice when it comes to excavating.

Our vacuum excavator is a state of the art construction vehicle which can quickly remove material in both urban and suburban areas whilst avoiding the risk of affecting or damaging any existing utilities.

It is perfect for use in areas where there is a heavy congestion of services in the ground. To find out the full benefits of dig-safe excavation please click here.

Our vehicle is available to hire on a project-by-project basis.  Please enquire now for a quote.

Drilling Rig

By boring using trenchless technology, underground supply lines such as pipelines for gas, water, communication and energy cables can easily be placed without any damage to the structures on the ground.

Our machine is the guaranteed way to ensure accurate and cost-efficient horizontal bores beneath all types of infrastructure. To find out the full benefits of trenchless technology please click here.

Our vehicle is available to hire on a project-by-project basis.  Please enquire now for a quote.


Our dedicated approach to quality standards has helped us build a strong reputation with a client base that includes commercial companies such as Wave, Chartway, H20, & J H Fire alongside many other blue chip customers.

We also work with a variety of utilities companies and major infrastructure suppliers such as South East, Thames and Anglian Water.

Although based in Kent our customers extend across London, the South, South East and beyond.

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