A Wide Range

of Water Services.


Water Main Repair

Burst water main repairs are one of our most regularly requested services and we also offer years of experience in lead pipe replacement to improve water pressure and cleanliness.

From the water mains under properties to those under public highways at Capelwood Utilities we provide a complete range of repair and installation services on all mains water pipes and systems.

We also upgrade old lead supply pipe systems which offer notoriously poor water pressure and can contaminate your water supply, with modern plastic based pipes recommended for the job.

Our range of water mains servicing, repair and installation services includes:

Burst water main repairs
Leak location and fault finding
Lead supply pipe replacement
Thrust boring mains pipe replacement
Excavations and repair services
Water route boring and installation
Mains water maintenance and servicing
CCTV pipe inspection
Drainage pipe re-lining
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